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Notes written by Oskar Speck relating to his voyage

Date: 1936
Medium: Ink on paper
Credit Line: ANMM Collection Nancy Jean Steele Bequest
Object Copyright: © Australian National Maritime Museum
Object Name: Record
Object No: ANMS0533[009]

User Terms

    • [Hand written diary] 16.04.36 Left Rangoon at 11 am. Encountered strong headwinds and had to land around 7 pm. Landed in mud and had to use some fishermen from the nearby village in order to move my boat from the mud to dry land. Continued around 6 am the next morning. Passed the lighthouse and turned left into the Gulf of Martaban. The coastline opposite was invisible. Tried to cross, but wasn't possible. Strong headwinds and very choppy seas. So I turned back to the shoreline on the left. The I entered a creek and landed in mud. Carried the boat up a steep incline with a lot of effort and slept soundly. Continued around 6 am. All flat and muddy. Tried to cross again, especially since I saw mountains in the distance. Had to give up again and turned back to the left shoreline. Suddenly I was stuck and had to wait on a sandbank until 11 o'clock. The high tide arrived with great force and as the boat was swept away I lost direction and paddled against the current towards some lights. Fortunately I landed. I moved the boat on to dry land in a small bay and slept. The next morning the tide was low and people from the village arrived. Took photos. A pretty young girl with holes in her ears and nose kept open with string in order to fit the rings into them later. Large cobra near the boat. Another one in the mud. Bore[sic]!! Took photos. Continued when the bore had passed. 10-12 miles speed. Overtake bore and find myself in extreme danger. Lose [illegible] etc. Given back paddle. Given wrong advice and get lost. Little food. Slept far inland and returned the next morning. Aim is ?[sic] Photos of fishermen.
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