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Notes written by Oskar Speck relating to his voyage

Date: 1937
Medium: Ink on paper
Credit Line: ANMM Collection Nancy Jean Steele Bequest
Object Copyright: © Australian National Maritime Museum
Object Name: Record
Object No: ANMS0533[013]

User Terms

    • Ambon 1.12.3 Yesterday I went on my first walk through Ambon. The streets and houses look nice. Very many churches. The people in the streets all have that expression, quite familiar to me by now, suggesting that they are sure that a place in heaven has been reserved for them. It was very difficult to find the Catholic priest's office. The people all said they didn't know the house. To live in Ambon as a Catholic must be very much like living in the antechamber to hell. I found the priest's office eventually; it's located quite near the hospital. After I had finished discussing something with Father Willems, Dr. Smith from the hospital came over, too. We spoke about my trip and Surabaya. Then about Dr. Nowak. Dr. N. is the head physician of the catholic hospital at Surabaya., a very nice and competent doctor. Dr. Willems, speaking in Dutch and apparently believing I wouldn't understand, started to carry on about the "moffs", saying that they get all the good positions. Willems said that Dr. Nowak was Austrian, which caused me to remark that the "moffs" must therefore be the Germans. I must find out what is the exact translation of "moffs". In any case, "moffs" are not popular with the Dutch. I have heard various stories about the attitude of the Malukan population towards the civil servants. It doesn't seem to be unusual for controllers and other civil servants to have rocks thrown at them by the natives. I went to see the Hartmans in the evening. His wife is very nice too and so it was a rather pleasant evening. But I noticed the usual weakness of the [illegible abbreviation]: even as far as my case is concerned they seem to be content and proud of the well known fact: everything will be all right
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