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Notes written by Oskar Speck relating to his voyage

Date: 1939
Medium: Ink on paper
Credit Line: ANMM Collection Nancy Jean Steele Bequest
Object Copyright: © Australian National Maritime Museum
Object Name: Record
Object No: ANMS0533[015]

User Terms

    • Aumapoint, 17.8.39 Arrived here yesterday. Had very bad weather and was glad to be landing. Very good spot for landing (low tide). From Moresby to here I received the most impossible information. The telegraph office at Samari and Port Moresby was a big help. I left Moresby on the 9th and got as far as Lasearpoint. Slept there in the rest house (women playing cricket) then on to Kai.. .[illegible] with good winds. Mr. Thomsen very friendly, but heated debates between 2 French priests and Thomsen. Departure at 12 at night. No sleep and lots to drink. Some rain gusts during the night and can't see the coast line a lot of the time. Pass Cape Possession at dawn. I am then stopped by oil comp. at Oinape. Stay there and continue to Jokea the next day. Continue straight on and land across bar at Teripiri. Slept at the mission teacher's house. Very friendly. Continue the next day. Lots of howling amongst the women (Exited)[sic].Then along the creeks to Kukipi. Delays everywhere because of howling women. Sleep at Kukipi oil comp. Then on to Koaru. Inland. Everywhere the same howling. Meet Mr. Brown and sleep in the mission building. L.M.S. The next day I cross the surf with the help of a surf boat to get to Kerema. Very strong waves. Can't find the passage into the Kerema river. Wind springs up and I prepare to be capsized. People swim out to me and I land safely at the beach. Stay at Kerema for a day. Mr. Vevian. Then exit the next day. People show me the way across the bar. Then I run into very bad weather and am very happy after landing at Auma Weather very bad today and forced to wait. Landing area not at Aumapoint but behind the sandbank on the Veilala river.
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