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Inventory of silverware belonging to Heinz Lippmann

Date: 1939
Credit Line: ANMM Collection Gift from Heinz Lippmann
Object Name: Inventory
Object No: ANMS0219[002]

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    A inventory from the Foreign Exchange Office in Berlin listing the silverware carried by Heinz 'Henry' Israel Lippmann when leaving Berlin for England in 1939.
    According to the form, immigrants were permitted to to take silverware to the weight of 40g per piece and up to a total weight of 200g per person. Listed for Heinz Lippmann are six pieces including a napkin ring, spoon, match holder, rattle and a tobacco case.
    SignificanceThis certificate is part of a collection of personal papers belonging to Heinz Lippmann that provide an insight into an important episode in the history of Australian migration this century.
    They are primary sources in the DUNERA case in which the ship, HMT DUNERA, transported German and Austrian Jewish refugees from England to Australia in 1940. On arrival in Australia these men were interned in a camp at Hay and later at Orange in New South Wales. Lippmann was then moved toTatura in Victoria.
    HistoryDespite being permitted to take limited valuables from Germany, such as these listed for Heinz Lippmann, many of the possessions of the refugees never made it with them to Australia.
    Boarding the HMT DUNERA, many of the men were brutally treated by the British guards. All had their personal belongings and luggage either stolen or destroyed. The Commander of the ship was witness to these events but did not intervene.
    Accounts of the day reveal:

    "We go up the gangway, carrying our luggage. As soon as we reach the top, the suitcases are taken away, we are searched, valuables are taken away. Those resisting are pushed, rifle and bayonet butts are used. All of a sudden I am almost thrown down the steps of one of the many staircases leading to the front of the ship."
    Extract from account by Albert Karolyi

    "We leave our train, take any trunk and queue. Along jetty. Policemen. Handover all knifes and tobacco. Lots of shouting, the first soldiers. The drama begins. People are searched.Tefillins torn away bags taken. Also valuables. Watches stolen. Straight into soldiers pockets. Every soldier seem drunk. More and more soldiers. First trunks broken open.Officer present. Incredible greediness."
    Extract from hand - written diary kept on board the DUNERA by Alfred Lewinsky.

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