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Pullen's vineyard at Enoggera

Date: 1900-1920
Overall: 151 x 200 mm
Medium: Silver gelatin print
Credit Line: ANMM Collection Gift from Robert D McKilliam
Object Name: Photograph
Object No: ANMS0227[058]
Related Place:Enoggera,

User Terms

    A black and white photogrpah showing rows of grape vines. THe image is titrled 'Pullen's vineyard. Enoggera near Brisbane' and refers to the Pullen family who established a vineyard at Enoggera in around 1862.

    SignificanceThis image is a part of the Captain Robert McKilliam collection. Captain McKilliam worked for the Aberdeen White Star Line for 32 years and sailed aboard such famous clipper ships as SALAMIS and THERMOPYLAE. He moved to Sydney in 1913 where he served as Assistant Wharf Master on Darling Island.
    HistoryAn account of the Pullen vineyard was writen in a local newsppaer in 1900;

    "Among these may be mentioned Auburn vineyard, situated about a mile and a half from Enoggera Railway Station, and a trifle over six miles from Brisbane by road.

    Auburn fronts the main South Pine road, and is backed by the Granite Hills, with the Taylor Range still further off. It is in
    tersected by Kedron Brook, which was so named by the Moravian missionaries sixty years ago, when they settled in this district.
    When first occupied by its present owner - Mr. J. Pullen - away back in the early sixties —the staple crop of the district was corn, but the experience of a few years sufflced to prove its suitability for other crops, and for over thirty years it has been increasingly given over to grape cultivation with the best results. Save for a knolllike eminence, on which Auburn house stands, the contour in general is level, with however, suficient slope to admit of ready drainage. The soil, partly loamy black and partly chocolate hued, is of cousiderable depth, friable, and of easy tilth, with here and there a sandy admixture indicative of porous qualities.

    The vineyard at present covers an area of sixty acres, suitably subdivided, and carrying Goethe, Black Hamburg, Sweet Water, Dutch Hamburg, Iona, White Portugal, and Pullen's champion varieties of vines. The most favoured are Goethe—flfty-four rows, forty-five plants in each row—and Pullen's Champion—fifty two rows, fifty in each row. This latter is the result of hybridisation ten years ago, and the owner regards it as undoubtedly the most hardly and prolific for this district.

    Proof of his assertion may be found in the fact that, as year succeeds year, he is removing other varieties to give it place, in view of the ready demand in the city, a
    demand he has not been able to meet. It is a fruit of good size, full, body, heavy, and a strong grower, and won for this viticulturist the championship medal In the
    metropolis some years ago, hence its name.

    Conversation with the owner of Auburn elicited the information that there is a good margin of profit in grape-growing if systematically pursued, and his books show that during the past four seasons the profits averaged £500 per annum. Originally wine grapes were planted at Auburn but those were abandoned for table varieties, and the area now under cultivation may be at any time duplicated on land; equally fertile. Of the present area, thirteen acres are in full bearing, and the remaining three acres will yield fruit next year.

    The visitor to Auburn House finds a substantial structure, in the building of which personal comfort has been a leading consideration. It comprises eleven large rooms (including all offices), a spacious hall throughout, and what is not usually met with in many suburban homes, a ceiled veranda, 10ft wide on three sides and l2ft. on the fourth. The appointments generally, are very complete, while a varied garden adds considerably to the homely comfort of the place."

    (The Queenslander, 20 October, 1900)
    Additional Titles

    Collection title: Pullen's vineyard at Enoggera

    Assigned title: View of vineyard with rows of grapevines extend from lower third of photograph into distance background bushland is partly cleared, from Enoggera

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