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Institution: AGFA
'Actien Gesellschaft fur Anilin Fabrikation' (AGFA) was formed in 1873, and purchased by Rietzschel's factory (Munich) in 1925. From this time, cameras produced by the company were named AGFA. The company's American operations joined forces with Ansco in 1928 and formed 'Agfa Ansco', which later became GAF.

German AGFA production of cameras and films continued, with factories in Munich, Leverkusen, and Wolfen. In 1952 AGFA founded 'AGFA AG fur Photofabrikation' in Leverkusen and 'AGFA Camera-Werk AG' in Munich. In 1957 these merged to become AGFA AG. It later acquired Perutz Photowerke, Leonar-Werke, Minosa and others before merging with Gevaert of Belgium in 1964.

Lynda Dean, Collector of old Cameras,, last updated 24 April 2011.