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Suz Gavran (nee Rothquel)

Suz Gavran (previously Rothquel) was born in Zimbabwe, Africa and has lived and worked in South Africa, New Zealand, Europe and Australia. Suz received a Diploma of Visual Arts in 1991 at Thames College, London and a Diploma of Fine Arts in 2000 at TAFE Brookvale. She graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Honours from the National Art School in Darlinghurst during 2004 where she won the Sir Hermann Black Gallery Prize for outstanding performance in sculpture and was co-winner of the Julian Beaumont Sculpture Prize for best performance in sculpture.

Suz is currently the Director of Artworks Incorporated and has been an art consultant since 2002. Artworks Inc. restore and maintain valuable public and private artworks for corporate managements and collectors. She has also worked as a graphic artist between 1989 and 2003 doing illustration, corporate identity and set design, and as a designer (1999-2001) producing original artworks for Fox Collections' local and export markets. Suz' artworks are in private and corporate collections in Zimbabwe, South Africa, France, Switzerland, United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia. Suz is married with five children.

Although her works are gently abstracted, there is an underlying consciousness of social memory and transience. Suz works with a combination of metal, wood, stone, paper or fabric. Whilst challenging in construction, these create an intriguing contradiction- the heaviness of the metal or stone emphasizes the lightness and translucence of the fabric or paper. Many of her sculptures incorporate active elements such as pendulums, audio sound, light and water.