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Hiroshi Yoshida

Japanese, 1876 - 1950

Hiroshi Yoshida was a Japanese artist and leading figure in the 'shin hanga' movement or renewal of Japanese print making after the end of the Meiji period (1912). He worked primarily as a painter until his late forties when he became fascinated with wood block printing. After working with the Watanabe Print Workshop for several years, Yoshida decided to fund his own workshop in 1925. He was intimately involved with all aspects of the printmaking process designing key blocks, selecting colour for the prints and supervising the printers (an unusual arrangement at the time).

The majority of Yoshida's prints are richly detailed landscapes featuring a diversity of subjects including the Sphinx, Taj Mahal and Mount Rainier. He travelled frequently and widely, sketching and painting as he went. Yoshida's prints were extremely popular with western collectors, and he was one of the only shin hanga artists to title and sign his prints in English.