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Plate 6

Leon Jean Baptiste Sabatier

Leon Jean-Baptiste Sabatier (-1887) was a prolific artist, engraver and lithographer working in France from the 1830s to 1880s. He produced many scenes of Asia and the Pacific and was involved in the production of several volumes and folios of scenes from French maritime expeditions in the mid-nineteenth century, notably Dumont d'Uville's Atlas Historique and Francois-Edmond Pâris' 1841-1843 Essai sur la construction navale des peuples extra-européens or Essay on non-European naval architecture. Sabatier was the lithographer of many of the plates in Pâris's Essai and is noted as artist on two plates. It is possible he drew these from Pâris's plans. They are the only two plates in the folio of 132 images where Paris is not credited as the artist.