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J Albert and Son

Institution: J Albert and Son
Established by Swiss watchmaker Jacques Albert as Albert’s Music Stores in 1890 in Sydney’s CBD at 118 King Street, the music business became one of Australia's most recognisable. By 1894, Jacques' son Frank Albert had become a partner in the family business which had changed to J Albert and Son.

In 1890, Frank insigated the release of the first of the 'Boomerang Songsters', a music compilation which sold in its millions for the next 80 years. By May 1894, Frank had begun the process of trademarking the word “boomerang” and its symbol as J Albert and Son’s unique brand. One of his most famous moves, in keeping with the new brand, was to create an affordable, portable and simple form of musical entertainment for consumers in the form of the Boomerang mouth organ.