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John Priston Cutts


John Priston Cutts (1787-1858) Optical and Mathematical instrument maker, Sheffield, England. Operated 1825-1841 in Sheffield. 1840s - Cutts and Sons. 1851 - Sheffield and London. 1854 - Shop in New York as IP Cutts, Sutton and Sons, which continued to 1895.

Alternate makers names - JP Cutts and IP Cutts.

Firm reportedly started in 1804, but is confirmed from 1825 in Sheffield. From 1839 advertised as 'opticians to her Majesty'.

Various permutations of the firm name appear on instruments; I. P. Cutts and Sons, JP Cutts, Sutton & Co, IP Cutts, Sons & Sutton.

James Chesterman was incorporated into the business in 1849, suggesting Cutts & Sons inscription is prior to this.