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Institution: Arthus-Bertrand
Arthus-Bertrand, described in 1841 as 'Libraire and Editeur des nouvelles annales des voyages', was founded by Claude Arthus-Bertrand, an ex-Army officer who established a bookshop and publishing house in Paris in 1803. In 1826 after producing the eight volume atlas Voyage autour du Monde - the record of Louis Isidore Duperrey and Jules Dumont D'Urville's Pacific voyaging during the years 1822-1825 - Arthus-Bertrand became an official publishing house for the French Naval Ministry. One of the house's major works was the 1841-1843 publication of Francois-Edmond Pâris' Essai sur la construction navale des peuples extra-européens or Essay on non-European naval architecture, which included 132 lithographs and engravings. In the 1860s the Arthus-Bertrand family merged with military flag and decoration embroiderers the Marions, and the house began to focus on the production of medals and decorations, which, along with jewellery, the house continues to produce several generations later in 2010.