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Plate 44

Lemercier, Benard et Cie.


Institution: Lemercier, Benard et Cie.
Joseph Lemercier (1803-1884), considered by some of his contemporaries to be 'the soul of lithography', began his career in Paris under Langlumé in 1825. In 1829 he was listed in the Almanack du Commerce with his own printery. By 1833 Lemercier advertised that he catered for all kinds of lithography or 'drawing on stone', offering a mail-order service within France and abroad. During the 1830s he was awarded several medals for his work. In 1837, in conjunction with the printer Benard (or Bénard) he formed the company Lemercier, Benard et Cie (& Co.) which was listed in the Almanack du Commerce for the first time in 1838. Lemercier was one of the founding subscribers to Le Lithographe. In 1839 he received the first of many medals at industrial exhibitions. Awarded the 'Chevalier de la Legion d'Honneur' in 1847, he was promoted to the rank of 'Officier' in 1878. He was associated with many prominent French artists, and explored different techniques for colour lithographic printing. About 1870, his premises in the rue de Seine in Paris apparently contained 50,000 lithographic stones. The company ceased around 1890. See R. D. J. Collins 'A Note on de Sainson's Views in Westernport Bay' The La Trobe Journal No 36 December 1985 pp 95-99.