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Plate 59

Charles Mozin

1806 - 1862

Charles Mozin (1806-1862) has been regarded as a significant artist in the development of what has been called 'pre-impressionism'. His early work in the 1820s was more traditional in subject and style, but he became interested in painting outdoor, everyday scenes. Mozin's work focused on views of fishing boats and coastal villages and ports, making him an excellent choice as the main lithographer for Francois-Edmond Pâris' 1841-1843 Essai sur la construction navale des peuples extra-européens or Essay on non-European naval architecture. Mozin was regarded as a remarkable draughtsman as well as a painter. He paid attention to the small details such as a ships rigging - also making him well suited to working on Pâris's remarkable atlas of non-European vessels.