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Frank Macintosh

During the 1930’s Frank Macintosh was commisioned by the Ocean Shipping Company to produce several highly stylized covers for the menus used aboard the company’s popular ocean liners.
Later, MacIntosh’s art would find additional use in print material produced to promote Hawaii as a travel destination. Perhaps more than that of any other artist MacIntosh’s work is collected and treasured as exceptionally typical of Hawaii’s romantic lure during the period.

McIntosh was born and raised in Portland, Oregon, before moving to San Francisco to study art, where he graduated from the California School of Fine Arts and had a studio in 1923-24. He studied in New York with theatrical and industrial designer Norman Bel Geddes for a year, but then turned to illustration with a long run of designs for Asia magazine. By the early 1930s, he had moved to Los Angeles, where he was on the faculty at the Chouinard Art Institute. In the early 1960s, he had a gallery in Los Angeles dealing in Oriental paintings and accessories. He died in Santa Cruz, California.