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Gieves Ltd


Institution: Gieves Ltd
The premier suppliers to the most discerning Officers of the Royal Navy, 'Gieves' founded in 1785, later purchased 'Matthews & Seagrove' in 1905 and became 'Gieves Matthews & Seagrove', then changed to 'Gieves Ltd' in 1911.

Currently known as 'Gieves & Hawkes', this company was formed from the two famous businesses: 'Gieves', founded in 1785 and 'Hawkes', founded in 1771. It was primarily to meet the tailoring needs of the British Army and Navy that the then two separate companies were founded, 'Hawkes' to service the former, 'Gieves' based firstly in Portsmouth to service the latter.

The company's headquarters and international flagship store, at No 1 Savile Row, was built by Lord Burlingham in 1732 and originally occupied by the Farifax family as their town house. In 1870 ownership passed to the Royal Geographical Society, who added the magnificent Map Room and galleried library which remain a focal point of the fine interior. It was fitting that the company should come to occupy this address in 1912, and add weight to the then growing international reputation which the street enjoyed as the centre for the finest craft tailoring.

Today, from its base at No. 1 Savile Row, the epicentre of English tailoring, 'Gieves & Hawkes' have seamlessly combined the traditional role of formal uniform and costume maker with innovation in hand cutting and tailoring.