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Commonwealth Government Clothing Factory

Australian, 1912 - 1971

Institution: Commonwealth Government Clothing Factory
1912 - The Federal Government of Australia establishes the Commonwealth Government Clothing Factory in Bank Street, South Melbourne. Core business is the manufacture and supply of uniforms and clothing products for Department of Defence and Post Master General.

1971 - The company moves to a purpose-built plant in Coburg, Victoria.

1988- Management transfers from federal government control to become the Clothing Division of Australian Defence Industries (ADI). Core business continues to be the manufacture and supply of combat and ceremonial uniforms.

1989 - ADI Clothing Division diversifies manufacturing across 3 plants: Coburg and Bendigo in Victoria, and Leichhardt in New South Wales.

1992 - Manufacturing operations consolidate to the Bendigo plant.

1995 - ADI Clothing Division is privatised, becoming Australian Defence Apparel Pty Ltd.

2011 - Australian Defence Apparel purchased by Parsons Logistik Pty Ltd