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Eliza Taylor


Eliza Taylor was born in Dublin in 1818. She had two younger brothers,Henry and Joseph. In the late 1820's along with her brothers and mother Charlotte she came to live with her Aunt Eliza (after whom she was named) at the residence of Mr. Henry Beaufoy, owner of the Beaufoy Vinegar Distillery in Cuiper's Garden, South Lambeth, London. In 1833 when young Joseph at age 11 was sent to Paris to be educated, Henry and Eliza left for Australia with their mother. Eliza's diary provides a description of the long journey to the new land of NewSouthWales. As seen in the journal Eliza was a very smart, curious, fun-loving, self-confident and well educated young woman with a penchant for descriptive, detailed writing. A year after arrival in Sydney Eliza set up a Ladies School offering instruction in the "following Branches of Useful and Polite Education, viz. -Reading, Writing,
Arithmetic, English, French, Italian, German, Globes, Geography, Euclid, Music, and Drawing". In 1840 she married Edward Rogers who became a prominent Solicitor in Sydney. They had 3 children - Francis, who rose to be a well-respected Judge, Maude, and another daughter whom they christened Eliza Beaufoy Rogers but who unfortunately died before her 3rd birthday. Eliza died in 1872 and was buried at Camperdown Cemetery. Two more diaries and miscellaneous writings and drawings are held in a collection of papers at the Library of NSW in Macquarie St.

Information provided by Warren Dent, descendent, in an email to Sally Fletcher, Senior Registrar, 20 May 2009