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Kuramoto Instrument Manufacturing Co. Ltd, Tokyo

Japanese, founded 1925

Institution: Kuramoto Instrument Manufacturing Co. Ltd, Tokyo
Founded 20 November 1925. From their website 'For eighty years, starting with accurate marine propeller revolution meters, we have been providing our customers with the finest quality in precision and measurement instruments. Along with the latest manufacturing instruments and technology tailored to the needs of our individual customers, we strive and progress to develop, produce, and refine our excelling products'. Also from their website a list of their current products:

Revolution Meters Electronical (axial turbocharger, pulse type, digital type)Electrical (AC, DC) Mechanical (centrifugal force, magnetic, vibrational)

Axial Power Meter (optical)
Marine Instruments (speedometer, traverse angle speedometer, blade angle indicator)

Measure Instruments for small ships (revolution meter, traverse angle speedometer)

Watergate Indicators (Gate valve indicator, Limiting device, Wire reel transmitter)

Revolution Machines (mechanic, electromagnetic)

Testing Machines, Custom Machines