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Robert Robertson Smythe

Scottish, born 1873

The author Robert Robertson Smythe (variously spelt with 'e' in his journal but no 'e' on certificates

Robert Robertson Smyth (no "e") is listed as was born in Glasgow, Scotland in 1873. When he was granted a Certificate of Competency as First Mate of a foreign-going ship on 1 November 1899, he was living at 62 Elderslie Street Glasgow, an address where he he had been living for some years.Documents show that he lost the tin box which held his Certificates, Discharges and Testimonials in Lane Cove, Sydney Harbour in March 1899.
He was Cautioned for desertion from the FERNFREW in January 1901.
His career in the merchant marine was as follows:
as apprentice on SUSSEX from September 1888 to May 1893
as Second mate on ABERFOYLE from August 1893 to October 1894
as Second mate on KILMALLIE from December 1894 to December 1895
as First mate on the ORTHES from March 1896 to February 1897
as First mate on OAKBANK from may 1897 to June 1898 (sailing from New York to Java)
desertion from the FERNFREW (105704) in Sydney on 21 March 1899
as Able Seaman (AB) on the SS CUZCO which sailed from Sydney to London from 31 August 1899 to 19 October 1899.
as Second Mate on the HOUNSLOW which arrived in Sydney on 3 September 1901 from The Bluff
as Chief Officer on LOCH BREDAN which left Sydney on 25 July 1902 and arrived in Liverpool, England on 24 November 1902 via Cape Horn.
RR Smyth signed off after arriving in Liverpool at the conclusion of the LOCH BREDAN voyage.