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Rosemary Gamajun Mamuniny


Skin Name: Wamutjan
Clan: Galpu
Moiety: Dhuwa
Homelands: Caledon Bay

Rosemary Gamajun Mamuniny is an exceptional fibre artist from Elcho Island. Taught how to create fibre work by mother’s mother Leti Dhamarrandji, her mother Dhananydjil Bukulatjpi and father Gaykupa Gurruwiwi, Mamuniny produces a range of fibre work.

Mamuniny has exhibited throughout Australia, including ‘Art on a String’, which toured Australia (2002 - 2003), ‘Banumbirr Elcho Island and Bandigan Morning Star Collection’, Maritime Museum, Sydney (2002) and ‘Fibre Art from Elcho Island’, University of New South Wales (1994).

Mamuniny and fellow Elcho Island artist Mavis Ganambarr were invited to create a collection of jewellery and textiles for the 2014 Australian Indigenous Fashion Week which was held in Sydney from 11-13 April that year. Their designs were selected to feature in the opening runway which was led by AIFW ambassador and model Samantha Harris.