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Chandris Lines

Greek, 1960 - 1996

Institution: Chandris Lines
Chandris Line was a Greek shipping company founded in 1960 by Anthony Chandris to operate ocean liners between Greece and Australia. Initially it also traded under the names Greek Australian Line, National Greek Australian Line and Europe-Australia Line. In 1974 Chandris Line merged with Chandris Cruises, a separate company founded in 1960 by Anthony Chandris' brother Dimitri Chandris, to operate cruises in the Mediterranean, this new entity was called Chandris Line Chandris Cruises. After 1977 the company concentrated solely on cruising and was rebranded Chandris Cruises. In 1985 Chandris Cruises acquired Fantasy Cruises subsequently rebranded Chandris Fantasy Cruises. The company ceased trading in 1996. All of the company's ships had the Greek letter Chi (X) alphabet, on their funnels. The chi also acted as a logo for them and their subsidiary Celebrity Cruises.