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H C Sleigh Limited

Australian, 1898 - 1980

Institution: H C Sleigh Limited
The shipping company H C Sleigh Melbourne was founded in 1895. It operated ships under its subsidary Australian Transport Company. In 1933 H C Sleigh died and Hamilton Moreton Sleigh became Chairman . He expanded operations creating a wholly owned subsidiary firm, H C S Coasters Pty Ltd. H C Sleigh became a public company in 1947. Abel Tasman Shipping Co Pty Ltd, Melbourne, was formed in 1972 to take over assets of H C Sleigh Ltd, Melbourne. The motorship Abel Tasman was the only vessel registered under this Company Name. This later became a fully owned subsidiary company of the Union Steamship Co Ltd., of New Zealand until its sale in 1975. The oil tanker business continued until 1981 under the subsidiary Company The Australian Tanker Company.