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Rupert Mafeking Blunt

died 1940

Born c. 1881 at Bulimba

Although notes made by Basil Helm read 'B Helm 1932, drawn by R M Blunt 3rd Officer Killed Manunda1942', Rupert Blunt is actually reacorded as dying in 1940 after falling through an open hatch aboard MANUNDA whilst at Cockatoo Island.
Crashed to Death Down Hold Soon After Warning Workmen
SYDNEY, July 31.— A few minutes after warning workmen on the hospital ship MANUNDA yesterday of the danger of open hatches. R. M. Blunt.' the second officer, crashed 25 feet to death down the hold.
"Remember, the hatches are open and be careful where you step." Blunt told a party of six workmen at Cockatoo Dock.
Workmen called Blunt when they could not see him in the hold. One climbed down the hold and found the officer critically injured. Blunt was taken to Balmain Hospital suffering from severe head injuries. He died an hour later. He was 42, married, and lived at Fiddens Wharf Road. Killara. He was the eldest son of Mr. R. R. Blunt, of Bulimba, Brisbane."
[The Telergraph Brisbane 31 July 1940]
It is noted that Rupert had a brother, Malcolm James Larke Blunt, who was killed serving with the Royal Australian Air Force on 7 June 1942 in the Netherlands.