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Walker and Hall

Institution: Walker and Hall
The business was established in Sheffield in 1845 by George Walker. Having been an assistant of Dr John Wright, who had conducted important experiments on electroplating, Walker secured the royalty of electroplating for Sheffield. In 1853 Henry Hall joined the business and it became Walker & Hall. The factory was at Howard Street, Sheffield, while showrooms were opened in 45 Holbornn Viaduct, London. Branches were opened in Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Cardiff, Belfast, Hull, Bristol, Melbourne and Adelaide (Australia), Cape Town (South Africa). Walker & Hall was converted into a limited liability company in 1920 under the style Walker & Hall Ltd and combined in 1963 under the British Silverware Ltd with Mappin & Webb and Elkington & Co. Disraeli Silver, Flag Plate, Orama, Palace silver and , Sonora silver were some trade marks used by the firm.