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Pierre Fouquet JR


Fouquet, Pierre (1729-1800)

Pierre Fouquet, born in 1729, was an artist and print dealer. Fouquet Jr. decided to publish a series of views of Amsterdam that would give an accurate and detailed picture of the city at that moment in time, because in his opinion the plates of Commelin were outdated and other known prints not accurate. Fouquet discovered a collection of original drawings, mainly by Schouten, J. de Beyer and Reinier Vinkeles. The result was ‘Atlas van Fouquet', or ‘Afbeeldingen van de Wyd-Vermaarde Koopstad Amsterdam’ (1760-1783). It was a great success and for many years the series was re-issued with revised prints or new additions. The Atlas of Fouquet grew out to be one of the most beautiful print series of Amsterdam , showing the city when it was still pure and could boast so many monumental buildings and houses. Fouquet died in 1800.