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Aaron Arrowsmith


Aaron Arrowsmith (1750–1823) was an English cartographer, engraver and publisher. He established a family business of mapmakers, with his sons Aaron and Samuel and nephew John Arrowsmith (1790–1873). He moved to Soho Square, London from Winston, County Durham when about twenty years of age, and was employed by John Cary, the engraver and William Faden. Arrowsmith came to prominence with his large chart of the world on Mercator projection published in 1790.

He specialised in producing large-scale individual maps containing the latest information from all parts of the world. He constantly revised and updated his work and it wasn't long before he gained an international reputation.

Arrowsmith became Hydrographer to the Prince of Wales in 1810 and subsequently to the King in 1820. He later published another large map of the world on the globular projection, with a companion volume of explanation. His maps of North America (1796) and Scotland (1807) are among his most celebrated. He has been regarded as the finest cartographer of his age.