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Taylor's Song Mart

Institution: Taylor's Song Mart
BBTI has no entry for Neesom or Taylor at 93 Brick Lane. (It does record Charles Hodgson Neesom as the owner of a circulating library at 90 Brick Lane, Spitalfields, in 1846, as well as a Neeson [sic] at 166 Brick Lane, Spitalfields, ca. 1840.) Hodson's 1855 directory of the English book trade, however, does list a "Neesom, C." at 93 Brick Lane. In addition, a "Neesam [sic], 93 Brick Lane, Bethnal Green" advertises as a publisher in several issues of The London Investigator (vol. 1) during 1854-1855.

The broadside ballad "Wedding of the princess royal on Monday, 25th of January, 1858" (not part of this collection) is reported in OCLC to bear the imprint: "Taylor, printer, 93, Brick Lane, Bethnal Green, near the railway arch." Another ballad based on contemporary events, "Baron of Parliament," regarding the seating of Baron Rothschild in Parliament in 1858, is similarly recorded in OCLC with the imprint: "Published at Taylor's song mart, (late Neesom), 93, Brick Lane, Spitalfields near the Railway." This gives a potential terminus post quem for Taylor. Neuburg lists "Taylor at 92 & 93 Brick Lane, Spitalfields," as one of four London printers still specializing in broadside ballad printing in 1871 (p. 208, n. 10) and Hindley confirms "Mr. Taylor, Printer of Ballads &c." at that address ca. 1870