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Gillott & Hasell

Institution: Gillott & Hasell
One listing from an unknown date shows "Gillott & Hasell, Army & Naval tailors, 36 Strand London."
An online post from James Sherwood mentions that during his research on the tailor house Henry Poole & Co from Saville Row, he went to the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich and viewd the Duke of Windor's Admiral’s Full Dress
"(worn when he acceded to his title as King in 1936) was not as history repeats tailored by Gieves. The epaulettes, cocked hat and sword belt were G&H but not the tunic. The tailor was the now obsolete Gillott & Hassel and I have to say the work was extraordinary. The entire tunic had been padded and moulded to give the Duke (when King) a heroic silhouette when in reality the body beneath the canvasing was that of an adolescent boy. They don’t call a collective of tailors ‘A disguisery’ for nothing."