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Institution: Watersun
David Waters, founder of Watersun swimwear first began producing costumes in 1952. Working in a knitting factory during the day, while cutting garments for his mother's stall at Melbourne's Victoria Markets at night. The company was established after Waters experimented with a small swimwear line, which he trialled at the markets. The company grew into an iconic Australian swimwear label.

By 1959 Watersun was exporting to Singapore and Hong Kong, and regularly featured in Vogue during the 1960s. At this time Watersun was also promoted through clever public relations stunts. In 1963 the internationally renowned entertainer Eartha Kitt toured Australia. She was presented with a Watersun Bri-nylon tiger-print swimsuit, which she wore during her stay, thus encouraging the trend for exotic prints and new fabrics during this period.

Watersun is now (2009) a subsidiary of Trackerjack Australasia, and in 2008 their head designer was Paul Peterson.