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Barrie Sutherland

Barrie Sutherland began surfing in the 1950s at Torquay, Victoria. He took up the sport in 1956 when Californians Greg Noll, Mike Bright, Tom Zahn and Bobby Burnside visited Torquay for the Melbourne Olympics exhibition surf carnival.

From this time Sutherland spent a majority of his time surfing and photographing the waves along Victoria's Great Ocean Road. He produced a significant collection of surfing photographs that documented both competitive and non-competitive surfing in the region. Sutherland pioneered the water photography, and often rode his Malibu board alongside his subjects.

Throughout the 1960s, he worked with the major Australian surfing magazines and surf brands, and in 1965 he covered the Bells Easter contest, which saw the biggest and most dangerous surf ever experienced in an Australian surfing competition.