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British, 1915 - 1940

Institution: Happynak
Paton, Calvert & Co. Ltd. Binns Road, Old Swan, Liverpool, GB. Founded 1887 - 1940. The word 'Happynak' is a Trademark of Paton, Calvert & Co.

In 1915 Paton, Calvert & Co. launched simple construction toys assembled without bolts and nuts, followed in 1920 by metal-kitchen, dining and tea service, beach buckets, piggy banks, acrobatic clowns and bowling sets. This company also manufactured the metal Happynak toys. In 1935 the Happynak toys were printed with Mickey and Minnie Mouse designs.

The factory area was reduced in 1932, and again in 1934 and 1935. By the time the war began, the company had ceased all activities.

1929 Listed Exhibitor - British Industries Fair. The 'Happynak' Series of Metal Toys, including Tea Sets, Drums, Seaside Pails and Spades, Money Boxes. Hardware Lines including Tea Trays, Kerbs, Hearthplates, Anti-Splashplates. Baking Pans. The 'Gee-Wiz' Race Game.