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Lady Anna Brassey

1839 - 1887

Anna (or Annie), Lady Brassey (1839–1887) was an English travel writer and philanthropist best known for her vivid accounts of ocean journeys undertaken with her family. She married Sir Thomas Brassey (1836 - 1918) later Earl Brassey, with whom she had five children before they travelled aboard their luxury yacht SUNBEAM. Anna Brassey's description of these travels led to her becoming a best-selling author. Her best selling work was 'A Voyage in the Sunbeam : Our Home on the Ocean for Eleven Months', which described their journey around the world in 1876-7. Her other books include 'Sunshine and Storm in the East' (1880); 'In the Trades, the Tropics, and the Roaring Forties' (1885). In 1886–1887 the Brasseys sailed to India, Borneo and Australia, but Anna died of malaria during the journey. Her account of the voyage 'Last voyage to India and Australia in the SUNBEAM' was published in 1889 with an introduction by her husband.