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Siwia Elisala


[Biographical notes taken from the book]

Siwia Elisala was born on Saibai Island, as was his mother. His father was born on Dauan Island.
Siwia became interested in carving at the age of 10 and learnt from his father. He began by carving dinghies and spears.
He joined the army in WWII and was sent to Thursday Island to be trained as a bugler.
1953 - Trained to be a trochus diver
1956 - Joined the Torres Strait police force and was posted to Dauan Island
1960's - became a 'lay reader' in the Anglican Church
1973 - 1976 - Deputy Chairman of the Dauan Island Community Council

Siwia was involved in community service work on the island throughout his life.
His carvings are a source of pride on Dauan Island and are gifted to dignitaries and special occasions.