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Frederick Julius George Schutze

born 1874

Serving in a number of international sailing ships in the years 1903 to 1905, Frederick Julius George Schutze became known as "German John" or "Big John" to his crew.
John Schutze joined the crew of the POLTALLOCH, a fully rigged, four masted ship which sailed regularly between Australia and North America. The ship then was then under the command of Captain Armstrong.

John Schutze was a popular member of the crew of the POLTALLOCH, appreciated for his good humour and artistic talents. He was a noted song writer, singer, musician and artist.

For a time he left the sea to work on the rail bridge of the Hawkesbury River. Returning to the sea he sailed the Tasman for a time before again joining the larger international sailors where he later studied for command of his own ships. One such ship being MARY ISABELLE.