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Norman Warren Waterhouse

Australian, 1899 - 1986

Born in Sydney in 1899. Worked at Mort's Dock & Engineering Co. and HMA Naval Yard Garden Island. Graduated in mechanical and electrical engineering in 1922. Worked in UK 1922-1924. Married Rosyln Sophie Willman in London in 1924. Migrated to the USA in 1931 becoming a permanent resident in 1955. Died 1986 in Hawaii.

Joined RANR 1July 1916.
Transferred to adult forces 1July 1917 as ordinary seaman.
Rated as a signalman on 1 December 1917.
Rated as Leading Seaman (Leading Signalman) on 21 October 1918.
Rated as Petty Officer (Yeoman of Signals) on 1 July 1919.
Appointed Engineer Lieutenant in RANR with effect from February 1927.
Appointed Engineer Lieutenant Commander in RANR with effect from 1 February 1935 and awarded the Volunteer Long Service and Good Conduct Medal on the same date. .
Transferred to Retired List in January 1944.
His appointment as Engineer Lieutenant Commander RANR (Rtd) was terminated in July 1955, when he became a permanent resident of the United States.