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Louis de Freycinet

French, 1779 - 1842

Louis de Freycinet joined the French Navy in 1793 and became a member of the French expedition to explore Australia in 1800, under the command of Nicolas Baudin in the ships NATURALISTE and GEOGRAPHE. When the expedition was completed Baudin appointed de Freycinet to command the NATURALISTE home with collected specimens and any sick crew.

Back in France in 1805 de Freycinet was directed to compile a narrative detailing the voyage. It was published as 'Voyage de découvertes aux Terres Australes' (Voyage of discoveries of the South Land).

De Freycinet commanded a second expedition in 1817 on the URANIE with the purpose of determining the shape of the earth and compiling accompanying maps and reports. He was admitted into the French Academy of Sciences in 1825 and became one of the founders of the Paris Geographical Society.