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Peter Sheehan

Australian, born 1964

Working as a freelance artist since 1981 Peter has collaborated on projects in animation, theatre, film, publishing and interactive multi-media. He is most widely known to Australian primary school readers as an illustrator for School Magazine (the oldest childrens literary magazine in the world). But
his work has been seen in such diverse places as the Alby Mangels World Safari II movie poster, Jennie Baker's animated film The Story of Rosy Dock and many animated series including Hanna Barberas 'Top Cat'.
More recently he was a key member of a design team building the science based Ingenious'. CDROM. He was also recently commissioned by the Australian National Maritime Museum to write and tell the true stories of the Pandora and Sydney Cove shipwrecks.

Most of his traing as an illustrator was gained on the Job though he has attended short courses in drawing and painting at Julian Ashtons art school.
His first solo exhibition of paintings and drawings Bondi Cauldron opened at
the Bondi Pavilion in October 1997.