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Royal Motor Yacht Club

Institution: Royal Motor Yacht Club
Royal Motor Yacht Club.

This collection was donated by Mr R G pickering, owner of CENTAURUS and national title holder.

R G "Bud" Pickering won the open speed championship of Australia and the Griffith cup held at Kogarah Bay on January 27 1940. Within one second of crossing the finish line CENTAURUS caught fire, with some flames rising to 20 feet. 'Bud' Pickering and his brother R W 'Reg' Pickering (mechanic) were unable to halt the fire and jumped overboard. CENTAURUS sank, and when raised, was found to be almost completely destroyed.

This memorabilia is significant in documenting power boating and aquaplaning in Australia from the 1920s - 1960s. It also documents the personal activities of Bud, Reg and Kathlyn Pickering. The story of CENTAURUS's dramatic national title win and fire highlights the dangers and excitement of power boat racing.