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Darrell White

Institution: White Art
Darrell White was born in Auckland, New Zealand. His family moved to Perth in the mid-1980s and he left school to join the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) where he became a Signalman.

Whilst in the RAN, he regularly photographed ships with the view to one day capturing the scenes laid out before him in oils. Limited space onboard was not conducive to painting, so Darrell became highly skilled with graphite pencil.

After serving nearly seven years in the RAN, Darrell left to pursue studies in Art and Graphic Design. It was during this period he began producing highly detailed pencil drawings of Australian and New Zealand naval vessels. After several years as a professional Graphic Designer, Darrell has now dedicated all of his time to his art, creating photorealistic images in both pencil and oils. Naval scenes still dominate the collection, but landscapes and historical events are now subjects that he explores.