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Clement Adrien Vincendon-Dumoulin

French, 1811 - 1858

"Vincendon-Dumoulin was a talented hydrographer, nervously took on as a sacred duty the editorship of the publication of the voyage after the death of d'Urville, to whose memory he was loyally devoted. This was an onerous chore that he knew he was not doing very well and, in addition, Leguillou's harassment did not make the burden any easier. However, he found time to become the acclaimed author of a method of surveying coastlines accurately while under sail.
He was a modest and unassuming man. In 1853 he was hydrographer at the top of
the grade ,and received the accolade of Officier de la Legion d'Honneur. His health
never really recovered from the serious illness that he had contracted in New
Zealand in 1840, and he died prematurely in 1858."

An Account in Two Volumes of Two Voyages to the South Seas by Captain (later Rear-admiral) Jules S-C Dumont D'Urville of the French Navy to Australia, New Zealand, Oceania, 1826-1829, in the Corvette Astrolabe and to the Straits of Magellan, Chile, Oceania, South East Asia, Australia, Antarctica, New Zealand and Torres Strait, 1837-1840, in the Corvettes Astrolabe and Z_l_e: Astrolabe and Z_l_e, 1837-1840

(Helen Rosenman, Melbourne University Publish, 1987 )