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James McCabe

Irish/British, 1775 - 1811

James McCabe born in 1748 was the son of Patrick McCabe, himself a notable watchmaker from County Lurgan in Ireland. James McCabe immigrated to London in 1775 where he established his own business in Bells Building, Fleet Street.

On 2nd April 1781, James McCabe, was made an Honorary Freeman of the Clockmakers Company. He progressed to the Livery in April 1787, Junior Warden in January 1809, Renter Warden in October 1809 and Senior Warden on 8th July 1811.Shortly after his appointment to Senior Warden, James McCabe passed away and his company now situated at 97 Cornhill Royal Exchange, was passed on to his sons Thomas, Robert and James Jnr and formally taken over by Robert McCabe in 1833 until it closed for the last time in 1879.

Famous owners of a James McCabe watch include Lord Horatio Nelson and President George Washington.