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Gino Boccasile

Italian, 1901 - 1952

Gino Boccasile was born in 1901 in Bari, Italy, the son of a perfumer. In 1925 he shifted to Milan and worked at the Mauzan-Morzenti Agency as a student of Achille Mauzan where he produced posters, illustrated fashion magazines and became famous for his voluptuous renderings of the female form.

After travelling to Argentina and Paris, Boccasile returned to Milan where he opened a publicity agency, Acta, with a friend and produced illustrations for numerous Italian periodicals including 'La Donna', 'La Lettura', 'Ecco' and 'Il Dramma'. A supporter of Benito Mussolini, Boccasile produced propaganda material for the Fascist regime. After the war, he was imprisoned and tried for collaborating with the Fascists, and although acquitted remained an outcast for several years. Establishing another agency in Milan, he created memorable posters for Paglieri cosmetics, Chlorodont toothpaste and Zenith footwear.